The Order of Things
The Order of Things The Order of Things The Order of Things

The desire to classify the world has always been a need for mankind: We collect, reflect and sort the things. Michel Foucault extensively wrote about this phenomena in his book Order of Things - An Archaeology of the Human Sciences, one of the core works that anchor the French Structuralist school of thought.

The Finnish artist Mikko Kuorinki interpreted Foucault`s title literally and put all words of the book in alphabetical order: From A to Zoophytorum. In the tradition of conceptional art, Kuorinki re-ordered knowledge that is already available. He decomposed a text to an alphabetical material – and composed at the same time a new text, which offers us a very unusual view into the thinking of the French philosopher. 


10.5 x 17.8cm, softcover, 432pp, 

Edition 500 copies,  2012

Design by Astrid Seme, Studio.