Wish you were there
Wish You Were There: A retrospective guide to London's shops, clubs, boutiques and sundry diversions, 1960-66

This is Herb Lester's guide to the best places to shop, dance, eat and drink in London, circa 1960-1966. There are coffee bars, discotheques, boutiques and record shops, some of which have taken on almost mythical status, while others are all but forgotten – there's The Marquee, The Scotch of St James, The Ad Lib, Indica, Foale & Tuffin, Kleptomania, The Plug Hole... 130 entries for the man or woman about town. 

Former mods and retired rockers will find much to enjoy here as will younger readers who weren't around to enjoy the city during this glorious epoch.

Designed and illustrated by Peder Bernhardt. A2 (420x594mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm), and litho printed in the UK on recycled paper.