Sceptical Mood Book
Sceptical Mood Book Sceptical Mood Book Sceptical Mood Book

Change and enhance your mood through art.

Our best moods are often hard to get in touch with.  At The School of Life, we believe that great works of art can put us back in touch with our better selves.  So we've created a range of 'mood notebooks' lavishly illustrated with paintings across their inside cover pages.

Each book contains one painting ideally suited to provoking a particular mood and a caption highlighting its therapeutic potential. 

Hardback notebook | 189 x 247mm with coloured stitching | plain paper |132pp 

The mood of this notebook is Sceptical, and reveals a pertinent image by Cy Twombly: Untitled, 1970. It is hard-backed with beautiful exposed binding detail.  Each page has room to sketch your ideas and thoughts, as well as space to record the date, time and your frame of mind.