Key Traits - Guileless
Key Traits - Guileless Key Traits - Guileless Key Traits - Guileless

It can take a long time to understand who we might be – let alone explain ourselves to others.

These clever key tags are designed with our inner selves in mind, each bearing a word which seeks to convey our deeper orientations and concerns. When asked to explain who we are, rather than go in for long-winded autobiographical explanations, we might be tempted simply to hand over a word or two, as if to say with refreshing bluntness: ‘That is me.’

At other moments, when our identities seem a little confused to us, we might welcome stumbling upon these words, which seem to remember our natures rather better than we can. These key tags are outward symbols of inner knowledge. They are badges of honour won through the hard work of self-understanding. We should pick one or two that fit us, and then use them to showcase and celebrate our identities as we go about our daily lives.


You will be honest even when it is rather inconvenient. It wouldn’t occur to you to be otherwise. This might make you appear a bit naive, but it’s also a great gift because it makes you worthy of respect and trust. As a result of your disposition, you’re likely to learn a great deal, and perhaps even be given responsibilities that you couldn’t have gained through scheming.

10 designs available | 51mm x 19mm | 100% Microsurfaced Impact Acrylic