Life Lessons Boxset
Life Lessons Boxset Life Lessons Boxset

Six Guides for Life from Six Great Thinkers

This special edition box set contains the first six titles from our new Life Lessons Series.These books systematically examine some of the great issues of life – through the ideas of six great thinkers – Bergson, Freud, Nietszche, Kierkegaard, Byron and Hobbes.

Published in conjunction with Pan Macmillan

A set of six paperback books | hardcover slipcase | 115 x 185 x 75 mm

Life Lessons from Great Thinkers vol.1 includes the following titles:

Life Lessons from Bergson
Life Lesson from Byron
Life Lessons from Freud
Life Lessons from Hobbes

Life Lessons from Kierkegaard 
Life Lessons from Nietzsche

“Bristling with quotations, and thoroughly welcoming and approachable…What is immediately striking about these six little books is the labour the authors have devoted to uncovering the positive aspects of each of their particular thinkers…If the six books in the Life Lessons series can teach even a few readers to pay passionate heed to the world – to notice things – they will have been an unquestionable success.” 
Prospect, John Banville