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Blake continues on his tour of the great cities of the world, following his hugely successful 'Venice Suite', and has now brought his unique vision to the City of Light in the 'Paris Suite' in this beautifully prestented box set is comprised of twenty lithographic postcards. 

Once again Blake has taken inspiration from an antique souvenir postcard set of the city, using these as the basis for each packed collage composition.

More information:

Blake creates hugely complex and humorous scenarios filled by characters and objects found in his personal collection of printed materials. The series contains several classic Blake motifs such as the circus, magic crowds, dancing and butterflies, and showcases the sophistry of his compositional skills.  

Blake’s careful balance and soft application of colour throughout the series, render the works reminiscent of old-fashioned aquatints; they could almost be illustrations to a story book from yesteryear- he leaves it to the viewer to create the story. 


Peter Blake's 'Paris Suite' reproduced as 20 Postcards 180x105 mm. Lithographically printed in Britain and presented in a hand finished box, designed by Blake and made in Stockport.