Untamed London

After 2000 years of human habitation, it is quite remarkable how much green space remains in this city. Untamed London: where nature still runs wild in the big city, charts places all but untouched by human hand: ancient woodland and meadows, marshes and rivers. It also locates those heartening spots where man has lost the battle with nature and wild plants have taken root amid concrete and brick. 

From the ancient forests of north London to the east’s abandoned sewage works, south London’s commons and the west’s roaming deer, Untamed London, is your handy guide to finding green among the grey.

There are 82 entries, and as if that's not more than enough, there are a further three longer contributions: birdwatching by Ceri Levy; fishing from Andrews of Arcadia; and nature in the very heart of the city, by The Gentle Author of Spitalfields Life. It is a collaboration with our esteemed friends from Caught By The River. 

The map has been designed and illustrated by Jez Burrows. It is A2 (594x420mm) folded to A6 (105x148mm), and litho printed in England on recycled paper.